Smoothie Saturday: Banana Avocado Smoothie

Welcome to my new series: Smoothie Saturday! I'm gonna give this a try for a while and see how I like it 😋 Anyways, today I'm going to introduce you to my all-time favorite smoothie: The Banana Avocado Smoothie! This isn't just my favorite because of how thick and creamy it is (which is a big bonus), but also how quickly I can make it! It's great for breakfast, lunch, brunch... you name it. And honestly, I don't even like avocados, but in this smoothie, I wouldn't use anything else. 

Now, just in case you're skeptical, let's go over some of the health benefits of the main ingredients in this smoothie: avocados.

1. High in essential vitamins and minerals, including Vitamins C, K, B5, folate and potassium.

Did you know: Avocados contain 35% more potassium than bananas!
2. Helps maintain bone health and reduces risk of osteoporosis.

3. Contains all 9 of the essential amino acids (promote healthy and strong muscle)

4. Low in sodium and fructose (sugar)

5. Helps in weight loss - contains fiber, which makes you feel fuller for longer, so you snack less

6. Highest protein content of any fruit!

And I've barely even scratched the surface! Not only this smoothie great for those of you who are health-conscious (me included), you can drink it on a hot summer day... trust me, this will cool you right down.

Banana Avocado Smoothie2

I garnished my smoothie with a small handful of honey-flavored granola. This makes it feel more like a treat than a breakfast. I mixed all the ingredients in my amazing, new Ninja blender and it was ready in about 10 seconds.

Ninja Blender - Plentiful Pastries

Banana Avocado Smoothie4

Banana Avocado Smoothie

1 medium, ripe avocado
1 ripe banana
1 1/2 cups milk
1 tbsp honey (optional, for sweeter flavor)
granola (optional)

Give all the ingredients a twirl in a blender for about 10 seconds

Recommended for this recipe:

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Cinnamon Streusel Muffins

I cannot even begin to describe how these muffins taste fresh out of the oven...they made me want to sit in a corner with a book, and just keep eating. Unfortunately, I was unable do that (sad, I know) because nowadays I barely have time to bake, let alone read a book (that isn't a textbook). For some reason, the picture didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped and definitely doesn't do these muffins justice. So, if you really want to see how these looked, you're just gonna have to make em' for yourself. 
Let me know if you end up trying this recipe and how it was (hopefully you'll love it as much as I did). I LOVE to read your thoughts and suggestions!

Cinnamon Streusel Muffins
Cook time: 14-18 minutes

For muffins:
250mL all-purpose flour
60mL sugar
5mL baking powder
5mL ground cinnamon
1mL salt
125mL milk
1 egg (or 1/2 banana, as substitute)
45mL margarine

For topping (streusel):
60mL flour
30mL brown sugar
4mL ground cinnamon
30mL margarine, softened

1. Preheat oven to 350
2. Line muffin tin with liners
3. Combine the flour, sugar, baking powder, cinnamon and salt.
4. Melt margarine (~15 sec.)
5. Whisk the milk, egg and melted margarine in another bowl
6. Make a well in the dry ingredients and stir the wet ingredients in; mix until moistened. DO NOT OVERMIX!
7. Divide batter evenly into muffin tin (fill each cup 2/3 full)
8. Now, it's time to make the topping. Combine flour, sugar and cinnamon. Cut in butter until mixture is crumbly. Sprinkle evenly over muffins.
9. Bake 14-18 minutes or until golden-brown.

Make sure you do not over mix!
To cut the butter, use either a pastry blender or two forks

Toodles! ♡


The BEST Buttercream Frosting

Have you ever had those days when you make a delicious cake but don't have a quick icing recipe? Well, this is for those days. This recipe takes about 5 minutes in total.... and to be honest, the hardest part is controlling yourself and not licking the spoon as you're making it (which I've obviously never done...) So, let's get on with this recipe! 

Buttercream frosting - Plentiful Pastries

EASIEST Buttercream Frosting (white)

1/2 cup unsalted butter, room temperature
1 and 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
2 cups icing sugar, sifted
2 tbsp milk
3 drops food coloring, any color (optional)

1. Cream the unsalted butter with an electric or handheld mixer. GRADUALLY beat in sugar until fully incorporated. Beat in vanilla.
2. Pour in milk; beat 3-4 minutes. If using, add food coloring and beat an additional 30 seconds.

And that's literally it! Enjoy!


EASY Chocolate Mug Cake

For some reason, today I had an insatiable craving for chocolate. I ate a piece of chocolate and even a bit of a chocolate chip cookie, but nothing worked. I decided to make my chocolate mug cake and let me tell you, this hit the spot. It's delicious and best of all, it takes less than 5 minutes (literally)! 
Mug Cake - Plentiful Pastries
Chocolate Mug Cake

Cook time: 90 seconds

Yield: 1 mug cake


2 tbsp cocoa powder

3 tbsp flour

1/4 tsp baking powder
3 tbsp sugar
1/2 an egg (or 1/2 a banana, as substitute)
2 tbsp oil
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 tsp milk

1. Mix and microwave for 90 seconds

That's how easy it is!

Want to top it off with frosting? Click here for the QUICKEST Buttercream Frosting recipe!


Delicious 5-Step Brownies

I'm so excited to be posting my very first recipe on this here blog! For now, I'll keep things simple, with my favourite brownie recipe (because who doesn't LOVE brownies?) Whenever I follow this recipe, my brownies always turn out tender, chewy and moist, so hopefully yours will too. If you end up making this recipe, send me a pic so I can see how they turned out. And if you choose to omit the eggs, you can barely even taste the bananas (unless you want to taste them, in which case, feel free to toss in an extra banana) 😉

Did I mention that these sold out almost immediately at my most recent bake sale??

delicious, fudge brownies

Fudgy Cocoa Brownies (5 steps)

Cook time: 25-30 minutes
Yield: ~9 brownies 


1/2 cup butter
1 cup sugar
2 eggs (or 2 bananas, as substitutes)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/3 cup cocoa powder
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1/4 tsp salt 
1/4 tsp baking powder
1/2 cup walnuts and/or chocolate chips (optional)

1. Preheat oven to 350℉
2. Grease or lightly flour an 8" pan
3. In a large saucepan, melt the butter. After completely melted, remove from heat, and stir in sugar, eggs (or bananas) and vanilla extract. 
4. With a wooden spoon, beat in cocoa powder, flour, salt, and baking powder (do not overbeat!) Spread the batter into the 8" pan.
5. Bake 25-30 minutes, or until sides start pulling away from pan. DO NOT OVERCOOK!

If you want to cover these in frosting (which tastes even more delicious), click here for my favorite, 2 step Buttercream Frosting recipe!

Enjoy! ♡

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